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호야 = 남친 ♥
the name is Lona born on June, 25th. 1993 line
80% Chinese 20% Indonesian


expectation vs. reality:
dancing to sistar “touch my body”

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Rap Monster finds the solution to Jackson’s stress

140817 U-KWON @ Mint Photo Studio 

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SUGA is the type of boyfriend who will not beat around the bush. If he doesn’t like something, he’ll tell it to you directly WITHOUT hesitations. He isn’t the sweet, clingy and showy type. He’s the type that would scold you when you act cute or childish but would secretly love it ‘cause that’s your side that you get to show ONLY to him. He’s not the kind of guy that would take you somewhere romantic for your dates but would take you home and watch late night chick flicks with you while you cuddle, ‘cause he knows you love them, even if you both know he doesn’t and he dozes off here and then. He won’t put his arms around your shoulders or waist when you walk on the streets but he would always make sure that he keeps his eyes on you in case you trip or a fast vehicle would suddenly pass by. There would be fights, trivial or not, here and then. That’s inevitable ‘cause you’re dealing with a PRIDEFUL young boy here. He’s not the aegyo type, but he would be willing to put those fists on his face and do bbuing-bbuing if it meant for you to forgive him. He won’t approve of couple shirts ‘cause he thinks it’s too mainstream but on the other hand, would nod enthusiastically if it would be couple piercings. He likes being unique. On idle days, you’ll find yourself on the couch with him, one earphone on his ear and the other one on you, listening to the new song he recently made. You notice the bags on his eyes and his skin paler. It leaves you worried knowing he had another set of sleepless night for the song. But one smile from you and a praise at how you love his song would paint another smile on his face (the gummy ones that you’ve grown to love) and bring back the color on his cheeks. And you just can’t help but give him a peck on the lips. He would scold you for the unexpected deed. You would see his cheeks turn ten times darker. You laugh ‘cause the great Min Yoongi can blush. You tease him about it, earning a sudden peck on the lips. And you see him smirk, saying how things are now even. Guy friends would get on his nerves sometimes but he knows he can’t have you all for himself and that would be unfair on your part. But that doesn’t make him NOT jealous especially when he sees them ruffle your hair and pinch your cheeks. On times that you’re down, you can’t expect him to make you laugh ‘cause he’s not good with that. But you’ll find him beside you, NEVER leaving your side ‘til he knows you feel better. And you just don’t ask for more ‘cause his presence is enough. 

All in all, having Min Yoongi as a boyfriend would not be the ideal relationship most girls would dream of. But he would be that ONE boy that would prove that reality is not a fairytale nor a romantic movie or novel but he’s willing to make it work because that’s just how much he loves you… ❧”


Woohyun doesn’t like selcas. 


*sees new kpop group*

I don’t have time for this

*sees really hot member*

I have time for this

이호원 - 아무렇지 않은 척
Hoya song for his solo stage on That Summer Concert 2
OMG this is so good TT